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Exhibiting for the first time this year at Interzoo gave us a fantastic opportunity to design a whole extra range of pet products and seat cubes to add to our current line.

We knew from the start we wanted to have some fun with these new prints so we thought, why not try to treat the mattress and bed surface as a kind of canvas.

If our pets could tell us what they wanted, comfort and warmth would for sure be high on their list, and that was a priority to us too, as well as being hard wearing and practical.

But our pets are often like our kids, and I think our fun and contemporary Mudd Co collection reflects that idea. We went all out to show that dogs love the surf, the sun or just a good old game of fetch. Noticing one day a dog 'reading' and reacting to the shapes on street signs and billboards was another source of inspiration. Ironically it turned out rather more in favor of cats (with our no dogs print available for igloos and cat beds!)
And then we like to think that cats can also appreciate the happy decorative Scandinavian designs in our Snoozer&Finn collection.

What do cats and dogs actually see and understand when they look at pattern and colour?